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  • May 05, 2009 · Demand Deposit Account (DDA) An account from which a depositor may withdraw funds immediately without prior notice, commonly known as a checking account. Since funds may be withdrawn on demand in...
  • When you deposit a check, you probably think you did it "today," but you may have missed the cut-off for starting the deposit process on that calendar day. When making an important deposit, ask the teller which day your deposit counts toward and whether any holds apply. Your receipt should have that information as well, but it never hurts ...
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  • With bank accounts, the money in a money market account is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which means that even if the bank or credit union goes out of business, your money will still be there. The FDIC is an independent agency of the federal government that was created in 1933 because thousands of banks had failed ...
  • Feb 20, 2008 · The lottery or Ebay seller or "payment transfer" job angle is a trick to get you to wire (Western Union or MoneyGram) money to someone you don't know. If you deposit the check and wire the money, your bank would soon (several days to as long as 6 weeks) learn that the check was a fake.
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The interest rate cap came off in 1986, as did any concern about only using the account for preferred retail customers. By the 90's, banks created a workaround for commercial customers setting up an interest paying money market and sweeping into checking, thereby accomplishing the same thing (a workaround still used today).
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Banks process different deposits in different ways. After making a large deposit into your account, it can sometimes take a while for those funds to become a...
You can get more information about direct deposit by going to Questions on direct deposit (Public Works and Government Services website).For direct deposit information specific to the Canada Revenue Agency, see the questions and answers below.

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DDA is a term usually used in finance that is an abbreviation for " Demand Deposit Account ". This is a type of a checking account where the account holder can withdraw their funds "on demand", or anytime. Oftentimes, employers like to use these types of accounts to deposit their employees' salary.