• What is the working principle of an electrical fuse? If there is a break in the loop, electric charges cannot flow through. This is also how switches operate. For example, when you put on the light switches at home, the lights come on because you have just completed the circuit allowing charges...
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  • The Victron Energy MEGA-Fuses are commonly used in the Victron Energy DC Distribution Systems like the Lynx Distributor, etc. The 32V fuses are sold individually and are ideal for 12V and 24V DC systems. The 58V fuses are sold individually and are ideal for 48V DC systems. When used in conjunction with the Lynx Distr
  • Jun 19, 2015 · A comparison of ANL and MEGA fuses Posted by Peter Kennedy on 6/19/2015 to Circuit Protection The ANL fuse has a window where you can see if it is blown or not, and the contacts are plated to reduce corrosion, and in addition the ANL fuse is ignition protected so it can be used in an engine compartment of a gasoline powered boat.
  • The SN-MEGA is a high amperage in-line fuse holder with sealed positive latching technology. The fuse holder base and cover are secured together with AssureLatch™ technology to form a water resistant and ignition protected assembly. Covers are retained to the base with a built in tether to ensure there are no missing components during servicing.
  • Fuse boards containing fuse wires. Traditionally, a domestic fuse box would contain several different fuses that would burn through or break to cut off power to a circuit. If you'd blown a fuse, you would have to repair your fuse board by replacing the fuse with a new piece of wire, between the two screws.
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Typical automotive fuses include automotive blade fuses such as the automotive ATO fuse, the automotive Mini fuses, the automotive MAXI fuses and the automotive MEGA fuses. Additional automotive fuses include the automotive inline fuse, the automotive battery fuse, the electrical vehicle fuse and the automotive micro fuses.

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An electrical fuse is a simple device used to interrupt an electrical circuit during over current condition due to short circuit and/or overload. An electrical fuse operates on the principle of heating effect of electric current.