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  • Engineering Analysis with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 goes beyond the standard software manual. Its unique approach concurrently introduces you to the SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 software and the fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) through hands-on exercises.
  • I am unable to save my drawing. Was modifying a block on the drawing. I noticed the save option is now grayed out. Whether this is related to the problem somehow I do not know. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • I can then go into the SOLIDWORKS materials and look at the AISI 1020. The fields here can’t be edited because they are all greyed out so I’m going to right mouse button on AISI 1020 > Copy and right mouse button over my Custom Steel folder and hit Paste. Now I have a new custom material that I can rename Custom 1020 an I can say Apply.
  • You have a SOLIDWORKS transparent part, but can't convert it back to shaded? We discussed that you can edit the appearance of the part model or each feature under it. But those who know multi-body design technique have noticed that you can have more than one solid body in a part model.
  • Step 1. On a piece of geometry that has the desired appearance applied, simply click on the surface of the model and choose “copy appearance”: Step 2. Choose the target on which you want to apply the copied appearance. then choose paste from the popup commands:
  • The shop drawing should address the appearance, performance, and prescriptive descriptions in the specifications and construction drawings. The shop drawing often is more detailed than the information shown in the construction documents to give the architect and engineer the opportunity to review the fabricator’s version of the product, prior ...
  • SOLIDWORKS 2019 has introduced two great new tools to help users work with 3D mesh data. By choosing to Edit Appearance on that face, we were able to decrease In Figure 6, you can see that I started out by ticking the checkbox for any surfaces that have a black and white 2D texture applied.

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Blow-out Sky Replacement. In this shot, the camera's dynamic range wasn't great. It was also a bright day with lots of contrast. Therefore, add the Luma Key effect to the video file and change the key type to Key Out Brighter. Pick up even more video editing tips and know-how here
The READ-ONLY attribute has no effect on the appearance of a widget. If an editor or menu item is insensitive, it is grayed out in some environments. Use the READ-ONLY attribute instead to make the widget insensitive without being grayed out.

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SolidWorks is a solid modeling computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) computer program that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. While it is possible to run SolidWorks on an Intel-based Mac with Windows installed, the application's developer recommends against this.
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Sep 18, 2019 · Skip the expanding appearance. It isn't necessary to do that step to offset the path. But, if you feel you need to expand, then choose "expand" and don't worry about "expand appearance" being greyed out. You can then complete the rest of the tutorial.
Collection of tutorials and examples on automating SOLIDWORKS using the SOLIDWORKS API in VBA and VSTA macros, add-ins and stand-alone applications.