• Viper Jet Rouge et Blanc 70mm EDF TOPGUN Envergure:1021mm Fuselage en fibre Ailes balsa Livré avec turbine + moteur brushless In terms of performance, the Super Viper is equiped with a 70mm 12-blade Ducted Fan, innrunner KV1850, and a Predator 70A ESC, this powerful system, when coupled with a 6S battery, resembles a turbine engine sound.
  • Aug 09, 2009 · A 70mm fan can deliver 2-2.5kg too at 1500W but the efflux is approx 300-320kmh. It will already perform great with 800W,14s sanyo2400,midi and brushed motor) minifan and lipolly at 800W is even better! You will have less problems with the elevator servo position and linkages too.
  • Technical data DS-51-DIA HST 4640-950 . Inner shroud diameter:93mm Fan swept area: 51 cm² Weight incl. motor, wired, connectors, Secure Fan Fix: 540g (19.25oz)
  • Schübeler, Performance-EDF Home. Performance-edf.biz Performance-EDF. We are USA and North American suppliers of limted production high performance specialty Electric Ducted Fans . Schubeler: Now featuring Daniel Schubeler DS "HST" and "HDS" series fans. All fans are very limited availability, please contact for latest info.
  • Sep 09, 2011 · so the Motors are two Hacker TB40-13L ,Fan 2xHET 6904 - 70mm, SC is Kontronik 2 x JAZZ 55-6-18 , Servos are all Hitec: ailerons 2xHitec 65MG , elevator one Hitec Hs85MG ,Flaps one Hs85mg ,Rudder & front wheel one servo Hitec Hs85MG, retracts one Hitec 75BB, lipo 5S1P 3000 or 3300 mAh 20C or 30C ( it can fly from grass even with a4s lipo the ...
  • Hi Oreo, This is the EDF in question. (or not ) As far as I'm aware it's the most powerful (and best sounding) 70mm EDF available. 6.5 lbs thrust on 6s, 4000's Considering the subject of this thread, I'll a bit of info regading the product.
  • RC Jets, RC Planes, 70mm, EDF, 90mm, Electric Ducted Fan, Brushless motors esc, speed controlers cyclone power changesun change sun ARC EDF Eflite cyclone power CS12B CS10 CS18 RClander ZTW Hobbywing Hobbyking rccastle blitz rc bananhobby nitro planes f 18 f 16 f 15 mig 29 su 35 su 29
  • Oct 24, 2018 · Schubeler ds 215 dia hst 195mm carbon edf ducted fan motor 90mm edf electric ducted fan for fdm printing mig flight jetec e 130 retractable ducted fan 130mm system ...

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Replacement rotor for the Schubeler DS-30-AXI HDS. The new fan of the 69 – and 90 mm class is based on the Schubeler HDS technology. This technique is characterized by an ingenious mix of materials, which leads to excellent technical features combined with an affordable price.
Peter Kamisky of EDF-Jets.de (who shot the Video of the 70mm Tomahawk Viperjet with the HDS fan) just commented that the rotor was a pre-series part, and the series versions might sound differently (he didn't say anything about imbalance of the assembly, hmm)

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West London Models is one of the UK's leading model shops. Whilst stocking products for all parts of the Radio Control sport, WLM specialise in electric flight and are UK distribu
Typhoon HET EDF 700-68-2100 Motor 39mm, recommended for 6s Lipo (5s to 7s Lipo) and suitable for any 80mm ducted fan units using 39mm motor's diameter. Recommended for 80mm HET EDF unit 9305-700, Schubeler DS 38 and 51 or equivalent from 4 to 6 blades, for 9 bladed 90mm JETFAN-90 EDF unit type and Stumax EDF type 90mm.

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jet viper 70mm edf bnf basic as3x safe eflite EFL7750 El Viper combina el rendimiento del jet con la estabilidad de un avión de ala baja, lo que permite que más pilotos disfruten del vuelo en avión.U
Fun Jet EDF. Ciao,frà dieci minuti lo provo poi,pomeriggio posto le foto (fatte questa mattina che è meglio) Per Staudacher : non ho resistito e ieri sera ho detto :