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  • Feb 03, 2009 · EDITORIAL: Monju test reactor. Monju, the prototype fast-breeder nuclear reactor located in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture, remains idle with little hope of resuming operations any time soon. It has been shut since dangerous sodium coolant leaked in December 1995. Last autumn, holes caused by corrosion were found in an outdoor ventilation duct.
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  • Feb 20, 2020 · For the Greater Good!" There was a chorus of responses from the voxnet as the crew rushed to respond. He had practically sacrificed half his crew complement, leaving their quarters and stations undefended. He had sacrificed himself, as the XV-44 suits that guarded the entrance to the command barge marched off to reinforce the nearest reactor.
  • leak to allow the passage of a substance through a flaw: There is a water leak in the pipe under the sink.; a breach of secrecy: They leaked the story to the press. Not to be ...
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  • BEFORE MEETING WITH CLINTON at his country residence outside of Moscow on March 19, 2010, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, all smiles, surprised reporters by announcing that Russia would soon start up its nuclear reactor in the Bushehr plant in Iran. Although the start-up has been delayed several times, the remark seemed to catch Clinton off-guard.

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Hacked safety controller represents new dimension of cyber threats to critical infrastructure. E-Learning Course Focuses On Mechanical Integrity EEMUA launches new course aimed at helping organizations maintain the mechanical integrity of plant containing hazardous substances through periodic examination and testing.
An incremental clicker/idler about managing a nuclear reactor! Screenshot from 2016-11-01 01:35:15 . An incremental clicker/idler about managing a nuclear reactor! (With lots and lots of layers of abstraction.) Fuel cells produce power and heat. Power gets you money for more parts, and heat gets you a meltdown if you accumulate too much of it.

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May 19, 2020 · The Fallout 76 Wastelanders update added, among a number of other things, "allies," which are basically limited versions of the companions from previous Fallout games. They'll open the door to new ...
Hacked Idle Games. Hacked idle games organized by publishing date in descending order and published by HackedGames.Biz. Gods of Arena Hacked Hot (4.40) 16,390 plays.

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For decades, glitches and slip-ups have threatened to trigger nuclear winter: misinformation, false alarms, hacked warning systems, or even an unstable President. And a new nuclear arms race has begun, threatening us all.
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