• At auction IFOR Williams Twin Axle Mini Digger Trailer , sold by Whip Street Motors Ltd located at IP8 4BY
  • Pour revenir à la mini-whip, les essais avec une liaison fibre optique menés par Stefan DK7FC étaient destinés à démontrer que le feeder coaxial était nécessaire pour le fonctionnement de la mini-whip contrairement à ce qu'affirmait Roeloff Bakker PA0RDT.
  • De mini-whip antenne van PA0RDT werkt al gauw beter dan een willekeurige draadantenne.<br />Daarom er een aantal gebouwd.<br />Zo kon ik sinds lange tijd weer alle Nederlandse NDB bakens ontvangen.
  • Assembly Tools and parts required: - What are the benefits of this design? There are many very strong broadcast stations in the HF band, that makes the IP3 so important. Bias Tee power supply board, part list, shematics, ESD protective wrist strap. ASSEMBLED Mini Whip Active Antenna RTL SDR
  • This MINI-WHIP Antenna is one of the smallest (only about 10 cm) long, medium and short wave active antenna. It offers despite the small size, excellent reception results. Not only SWL listeners around the world, including skipper put this antenna on a boat. This antenna was developed by the Dutch radio amateur Rohloff Baker (PA0RDT).
  • PA0RDT SDR Mini Whip VLF LF HF VHF Active Antenna miniwhip shortwave Antenna. EUR 22,71 Compralo Subito 11d 1h. Vedi Dettagli. RTL-SDR SMA Female Shortwave Active ...
  • I was recently lent a RA0SMS mini-whip to try out. Earlier this year I purchased new original Mini-whip from PA0RDT. I have used a homebrew copy of the mini-whip I built a few years ago as well. The new one uses an isolation transformer in the receiver interface as does the RA0SMS antenna.
  • HF Receiving antenna, The PA0RDT mini-whip. – Mersey Radar. Merseyradar.co.uk This is an unusual antenna in my collection, the PA0RDT active mini whip. Normally I would be sceptical about the performance of such a small device for HF use but I read a few favourable reviews on the internet and decided to order one for using with my Tecsun PL-600 ssb radio and I thought it would be handy for ...

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The pa0rdt-Mini-Whip uses commonly available materials. A single sided printed circuit board is mounted inside a 10 cm long piece of 40 mm drain pipe (white), using end-caps. One of the end-caps carries an insulated BNC connector onto which the PCB is soldered. Half of the PCB is the actual antenna; the other half contains the buffer-amplifier ...
The MiniWhip is vertically polarized. The MiniWhip antenna reception is omnidirectional except for the overhead direction. PA0RDT Mini-whip active receiving antenna finished product, install 3-4 of 18650 battery and ground net, it will work.

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今回作ったものはPA0RDT Mini-Whip Antennaです。やっぱりいまさら感ですか...(汗) 自宅での136kHz運用に当たってはいろいろ検討しましたが、現時点で136kHzの送信アンテナはなかなか自宅では立ち上げられそうにはありません。
The pa0rdt-Mini-Whip Antenna 一号機製作開始! 2012年11月27日 02時00分00秒 | その他の BCL Antenna まずは PCB 基板を 90 mm × 30 mm に切り、銅箔に溝を切り ...

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Diy PA0RDT Mini Whip Active Antenna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSmFsE4E41Y&t=46s Please visit my channel For More Videos: https://www.youtube.com/sergio...
It uses a Mini-Circuits PGA-103+ which is a new type of wideband amplifier built using E-PHEMT technology. Which is specified to operate over the frequency range of 50MHz to 4GHz. Below 400MHz this device provides extremely high dynamic range (IP1 +20dBm & IP3 +36dBm), moderate gain of 20dB with a very low noise figure (0.5dB).