• secret identity. Batwoman: My review of episode 7 ("Tell me the truth")… November 19, 2019 by Siggi80. And the fact that he tries to force her to give up her secret identity, is kind of sexy 😉. But Supergirl knows about the catastrophic consequences if she would give it up and thereby expose...
  • Gu Feiyan and Gu Mingzhu's identities were mistaken due to a conspiracy. Gu Feiyan who should actually continue the family line was never loved by... more>> her parents since And just like these sea creatures, she too has no concept of marriage. Furthermore, her mom's real identity is…. <<less.
  • Tony had kept a secret from his team. But one day when he didn't show up to work. We found out Tony owned a house and rented a apartment. But there was a bigger suprise. Gibbs/Tony Slash baby in the story.
  • Luminosity: Warning: Rated M In which Steve has no clue that Tony is Iron Man, and it takes crash-landing on an alien planet for him to find out. I lied again. My real passion is secret identity fics. Storyline's freakin' awesome, trust me on this. Even if you're not a fan of the more explicit parts, they're easy enough to skip.
  • After a lifetime of feeling inadequate, it's no surprise Tony chooses to keep his identity as Iron Man a secret. But when a defrosted supersoldier says his words, it throws a giant monkey wrench in everything Tony knows. Mix a recovering POW in, and Tony doesn't know what's up anymore, and he's not sure he's worth the trouble of figuring it out.
  • King of Dinosaurs' secret identity,Secret Ways A Hacker Will Steal Your Identity,Redmercy | MY SECRET GOSU IDENTITY...?! - League of Legends,Secret Ways A Hacker Will Steal Your Identity,Miraculous Ladybug "Secret Identity Crisis" Comic Drama,Film Theory: What is Detective...
  • The trouble is, terrible decisions usually have a terrible price, and this one is no different. Tony has a chance to save the day, but the cost may be more than Tony was ever expecting to pay… Fake Death Angst Death Threats Blackmail Disguise Subterfuge Hiding in Plain Sight Hidden Identity Secret Identity
  • ~Nominated: 2009 NCIS Fanfic.Net Awards~ Stardust Forward Part One Part Two Crossover Stargate SG-1/ NCIS. A man with no memory holds the key to three bizarre deaths. 46,040 words Very mild slash, Rated PG-13, Daniel/Tony UST ~Winner 2005 Stargate Fan Awards: Best Crossover Story~ ~Winner 2005 NCIS Fanfiction Awards: Best Crossover~

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REC SEARCH: Tony's Secret Identity as Iron Man . Hello! I was wondering if any of you have recs for fics where Tony is not known as Iron Man? Gen or Tony/Steve would ...
Jan 20, 2019 · While Haley interrogated DEO members, sniffing out clues to Supergirl’s secret identity, Kara and Alex sought Hank’s help in proving that Haley was involved in a deadly alien-related coverup.

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A spokesman said: 'Our hospitals are and remain extremely busy and colleagues at both our hospitals have been working hard throughout the festive period to care for our patients. 'Contrary to what you may have seen through 'secret filming' on Facebook, our hospitals are and remain extremely busy.
After Gibbs had gone back to his desk Tony checked his e-mail and found one from Ziva. He looked up at her from over his computer but she refused to look over at him. Tony, Please come to my house on Friday at 6:00. I will have supper waiting. Ziva. Tony looked up again and this time caught Ziva's gaze. He nodded his head and smiled once again.

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Jan 17, 2017 · Action Realistic Superhero Oc Secret Identity A bunch of D.C. and Marvel OC profiles we (Ellie and Haley) have complied over the years. These OC's are purely original, so if you want to use one in your own fanfic, don't be afraid to ask!
Jan 17, 2017 · Browse through and read identity v fanfiction stories and books. ... The Secret Identity of Draco Malfoy. ... Short Oneshots of the Identity V characters as Yanderes ...