• Our custom memcache implementation offers better reliability and usability than memcached, with MemCachier is the fastest, most reliable implementation of memcache - an in-memory, distributed...
  • Memcached - Replace Data - Memcached replace command is used to replace the value of an existing key. If the key does not exist, then it gives the output NOT_STORED.
  • multi-cluster replication Replicate clusters locally or globally. Riak KV makes it easy to replicate clusters across your datacenter or around the world for data geo-location, secondary analytics or business continuity.
  • "repcached" is patch set which adds data replication feature to memcached 1.2.x. main purpose. redundancy memcached system; key features. multi master replication. asynchronous data repliacation. support all memcached command (set, add, delete, incr/decr, flush_all, cas)
  • Nov 26, 2016 · Memcache I don't know if anyone's doing an upgrade for that extension, and Memcached (note the d) is still in a feature branch pending a stable release on PHP 7. So you'd need to change the cache configs pre-upgrade to keep things working.
  • This page lists vulnerability statistics for all versions of Memcached Memcached. Vulnerability statistics provide a quick overview for security vulnerabilities of this software. You can view versions of this...
  • Master/slave replication support MyBB also contains built-in support for master/slave replication support. Larger forums requiring more than one database server will be able to set up automatic replication between their servers and have all write database queries fed off to a separate server than all content is fetched from.
  • Find out which Key Value Databases features Memcached supports, including Storage, Security, Stability, Scalability, Availability, Query Language, Data Manipulation.

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Nov 30, 2018 · Physical replication setup is really easy with slots. By default in pg10, all settings are already prepared for replication setup. Be careful with orphaned slots. PostgreSQL will not remove WAL segments for inactive slots with initialized restart_lsn. Check pg_replication_slots restart_lsn value and compare it with current redo_lsn.
Client is a memcache client. It is safe for unlocked use by multiple concurrent goroutines. New returns a memcache client using the provided server(s) with equal weight.

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• Based on MySQL replication and query rewriting on SQL proxy ... • GET from Memcached, return if hit a normal row.
Learn How to Install Memcached and PHP Memcache in cPanel. Memcached is a distributed memory caching technology that allows users to cache data inside Linux RAM memory.

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Size of the memcached virtual machine. numberOfMemcachedInstances. Number of memcached virtual machines to provision.
Nov 24, 2014 · NoSQL Databases and Polyglot Persistence: A Curated Guide featuring the best NoSQL news, NoSQL articles, and NoSQL links covering all major NoSQL databases and following closely all things related to the NoSQL ecosystem.