• The LS1 engines and its variants use the same process, as do the series III 3800 supercharged and nonsupercharged engines. I know it’s apples and oranges, but I helped a friend build a rear wheel drive firebird 3800 with two gt35r turbos, which made 870 whp at 28 psi and ran 8.80 at 156 in the ¼ mile.
  • Found a 98 trans am 130k miles and the owner claims it has a bad knock and the engine needs rebuilt....now since piston slap is common on ls1's and the owner will only let me start the car after I show him cash. What are the odds it may just need knock sensors vs about to throw a rod / spun...
  • When I got my 99 SS camaro it had no piston slap. After I changed the oil to mobil 1 I didnt put 2 and 2 together when I started to hear piston slap untill it warmed up. Just figured it was another loose LS1. Well yesterday I decided to go back to Dino oil and low and behold the slap is 99%...
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  • Customer brought this engine in because of a noise. Turns out it had a case of piston slap. It is now a 495 CI with a Edelbrock Intake, Quick Fuel Carburetor, Mild Hydraulic Cam, and Stock Heads. On the Engine Dyno it made 417 HP and 540 LBS TQ. Read More
  • Jun 12, 2014 · Perform a piston soak to free up piston rings. Replace forward oxygen sensors. Replace oil pressure sensor (currently leaking). Replace VLOM. Clean cylinder block. Replace all 8 AFM lifters. Re-install heads. Re-install exhaust manifolds. I hope to get the heads and exhaust manifolds to the machine shop Saturday morning. That's the plan anyway.
  • It looks like GM has not completely fixed the oil use issue on the LS1/LS6 (at least up to 2001; 2002 engines use a newer coated piston). Interesting info from "the other side", and how it may relate to piston slap theories for the Ford 4.6 modular.
  • In mid-April ’01, there was a change in the LS1/LS6 piston which will carry over to MY02. To address a limited amount of complaints about "cold piston knock", there was a small reduction in piston-to-bore clearance and new pistons, having skirts coated with a polymer, antifriction material, were introduced.

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Price – $16 Part Number – 10-48 Estimated Lifespan – 10-15,000 Miles/1 Year The Royal Purple 10-48 oil filter is a step above the OEM filter. It offers better filtration, better flow and a sturdier construction.

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Jan 26, 2004 · Plaintiff alleges the "piston slap" engines waste fuel and cause significantly higher vehicle emissions due to incomplete combustion, combustion of excessive amounts of lubricating oil and ...
With LS1 piston slap the noise is there from get go and gets louder and relative to engine RPM until induction / engine case takes over. In other words free revving no load you can definitely hear it. This noise described multiple times in text and video in the original thread, occurs only under load when cylinder pressure is high on a new ...

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It's that "marble in a tin can" / "diesel engine" sound that's synonymous with piston slap. I've heard it on Chevy LS1 engines (newer Camaros, Trans Ams, and Vettes) and Ford's 5.4L engines (many F150 Lightnings have it). All the Ford techs say it's no big deal, but I trust them about as far as I can throw 'em.
The VX 2 was the first from factory with the camber kit standard in the rear, with the oil consumption issues all but resolved, and the nasty piston-slap issues finally sorted as well, but as mentioned most LS1's where rebuilt by Holden under warranty in the early days due to some of these issues.