• Aug 25, 2017 · From a 16" SR25 EMC, you're going to be about 2430fps with M118LR (175gr SMK .488 G1 Litz BC). This is why you hear me say a 123gr from the Grendel flies like a 175gr SMK from a .308, as the ballistics program models and what I actually see through the spotting scope match up pretty well.
  • Find Loads. As a motor carrier, you want to find high-paying truckloads in the right location, and you want to find them quickly. While there are many load boards available, not all of them let your trucking business find loads and post your available trucks efficiently and easily, for free.
  • The final M118 7.62 NATO cartridge, adopted in 1964, utilized a 174gr FMJ Lake City projectile over approximately 42 grains of IMR4895 in a Lake City case and primer. This load gave a nominal velocity of 2,550 fps at 78 ft, which correlates to approximately 2,600 fps at the muzzle of the 22 inch M14 barrel.
  • I use Lake City or IMI brass and reduced loads. The best data source available in a now out-of-print NRA publication, "Semi-Auto Rifles - Data & Comment". Former government ballistician Wm. C. Davis Jr. and Ed Harris fired over a thousand loads using Lake City brass, Sierra Match King bullets and Winchester primers through a pressure gun.
  • 308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm NATO: Barrel Length versus Velocity (28″ to 16.5″) Introduction. Released by Winchester in 1952 (and adopted by NATO in 1954 as the 7.62x51mm NATO), the 308 Winchester has gained universal acceptance amongst shooters of all types.
  • US Armorment Lake City M118LR 175 Grain BTHP (20 Rounds) [M118LR] - ONLY 1 BOX LEFT!Genuine Lake City 175 Grain 7.62 M118LR Long Range Sniper ammunition. Sold in 20 round boxes.(Note: this is not PD (reject) ammunition).The 7.62mm M118 has a plain bullet tip, does not have a bullet cannelure, and its case mouth is not crimped.
  • 39. .30 bullet projectiles for the following (M118LR 173 gr or 175 gr, SLAP) 40. Any good Night Vision and Thermal fusion system 41. an/psq-20 (does not have to look pretty) 42. Any high quality night vision tubes by ITT or L3 with data sheet from manufacture 43. JP trigger set for AR15 44. Timney 3 lbs. trigger for AR15 45. H2 or H3 CAR buffer ...
  • Jan 29, 2014 · I have about 200 pieces of 5.56 brass picked up at my range. Can I and is it safe to load them with .223 bullets and .223 load data? I am shooting only .223 out of my M&P15 Sport with a 5.56 barrell. Thanks, George

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LC M118LR, XM118LR, and even the older LOTs of XM118LR PD in 20rd. boxes with no LOT number were always high quality ammunition. The norm for the older versions of LC M118LR/XM118LR was no visual culls at all. But shooters including some on this board are saying that the current bulk packaged M118LR has more than a few obvious visual culls.
M118LR 175-gr.-----2.13-----3.25-----2.75 (Sierra 175 MK Bullet as loaded by Lake City AAP) These r esults are averages of TEN consecutive 5-shot groups fired from sandbags at 200 yards with 6X Leupold M8 scope:

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As soon as I get my build done, I'll be starting off with a #9 40 degree LP on a 20" tube and will use M118LR Lake City ammo, then switch to some quality commercial loads, then try my hand at some light reloads working up to a near max load.
5.56x45 Military Grade ammunition with a FMJ Bullet & Lake City Brass Case. Available in quantities of 250 & 1,000 Rounds! Shop Today!

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New Lake City Arsenal contract overrun “M118 LR Special Ball” (M118LR) ammunition, not remanufactured or seconds! Received in bulk Lake City packaging repackaged into 20 round boxes by machine for Graf and Sons. Lake City 2018 LR head stamped cases. Sierra 175gr Match King OTM Bullet.
Cartridge, Caliber 7.62mm, NATO, Ball, Special, M118LR (United States): 175-grain (11.3 g) 7.62×51mm NATO Match-grade round specifically designed for long-range sniping. It uses a 175-grain (11.3 g) Sierra Match King Hollow Point Boat Tail bullet. Produced at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant.