• Edelbrock Carburetor Throttle Cable Adapter Plate Designed to ease the installation of your new Edelbrock AVs2 or Performer series carburetor in you 79-85 Ford Mustangs with cable throttles and automatic trans. kickdown rods, this adapter plate kit from Edelbrock with make installation a breeze!
  • When you are installing an aftermarket manifold sometimes you run into a situation where a cable is just too short. Edelbrock knows this and has produced this transmission or throttle cable extension kit to make thigs fit. Danchuk # 13355 will work on any 1955-1957 classic Chevy as well as other vehicles you may have in your collection..
  • Matt, 90' GT: Done! Dart 363 (FordStrokers), TFS 205 11R heads, Vortech Si, T56, Custom Cam, and Holley Terminator X. 622hp/527tq. 7200rpm 03' Sonic Blue Cobra 497rwhp 481tq
  • Edelbrock 1490 Throttle Cable Bracket CDN$36.76. Only 2 left in stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.ca. FREE Shipping. Details. More items to explore.
  • Stainless Steel Throttle Cable Bracket For Edelbrock Carburetors This beautifully polished stainless steel throttle bracket will allow mounting of all popular cable clamps. This bracket mounts above the carburetor flange to provide a solid mounting point for your cable without the flex associated with aluminum brackets.
  • Throttle cable bracket duo Artikelnummer: Mrg-6039. Universele throttle cable bracket voor holley, edelbrock ,carter, rochester. Description: these chrome plated steel throttle cable.
  • Edelbrock 1490 Part Number: 350-1490. ... Edelbrock Throttle Cable Bracket & Transmission Kickdown Bracket. $59.95 (2) Ships directly from the manufacturer on 01/22/21
  • After I broke the TH350 ATV plastic cable mounting flange, I went with a billet aluminum bracket and Lokar cable. It is like night and day and worth the extra cost. The billet bracket supports both throttle and ATV, and can be used on most any future carburetor and Lokar has any ATV cable you may need.

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Stainless bracket mounts to the rear of Holley, Edelbrock, AFB, Quadrajet, and Demon 4 barrel carbs. Stainless bracket and dual stainless return springs are used to mount Lokar’s Throttle Cable and Kickdown kits.
Allstar Throttle Bracket Morse Clear 4150/Edelbrock ALL54218. Billet aluminum throttle bracket securely mounts and holds throttle cable in place. Bracket fastens to carb mounting studs and includes dual stainless steel return springs which are adjustable for tension.

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Edelbrock carbs on intake manifolds designed for 4-bbl. carburetors only! Throttle Linkage Kits for Ford or Chrysler applications (See Carburetor PREPARATION, Step #1). Throttle,trans.and cruise control bracket #8031,#8036 or #8030 (chrome) for 1972-78 small-block Chevrolet. Other applications may require modification to original bracket.
Fuel and water pumps, head gaskets, throttle bodies, manifolds, timing covers, carburetors, and various other transmission and engine components for performance cars are manufactured at Edelbrock's facilities. Edelbrock Carburetor Throttle Cable Bracket.

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Carburetor Throttle Cable Bracket #1490 For Ford Small-Block 289-302 Windsor. $22.95. Add to Cart. ... Edelbrock bracket for our 1108, 1942-48 Ford Flathead Black ...
insert cable end into throttle lever. 2. Install cable into cable wheel on carburetor. in the 8:00 position and secure cable into. lower slot on cable bracket by replacing end. Edelbrock throttle body installation instructions for 1989-95 3.8 liter thunderbird supercoupe (1 page).