• Chain Lightning (Sorceress: Lightning Spells) Charge (Paladin: Combat Skills) Charged Bolt (Sorceress: Lightning Spells) Charged Bolt Sentry (Assassin: Traps) Charged Strike (Amazon: Javelin and Spear Skills) Chilling Armor (Sorceress: Cold Spells) Claw Mastery (Assassin: Shadow Disciplines) Claws of Thunder (Assassin: Martial Arts)
  • Dec 20, 2020 · From Project Diablo 2 Wiki. ... (Sorceress only) +2 Static Field (Sorceress only) ... 50% Chance To Cast Level 20 Chain Lightning When You Kill An Enemy
  • Pack of 9x +1 to Lightning [Sorceress Only] Variables: +10 – 20 To Life. SKU: 12246-USEast SC Non-Ladder Rarity: Magic Tag: USEast SC Non-Ladder $ 8.60 $ 7.31. Sale!
  • Jul 28, 2017 · The Sorceress is probably one of the most popular characters played in the world of Sanctuary, due to her brutal casting powers and her modes of quick transportation. This will be the first guide that I have ever put on paper, and hopefully you will find it interesting, informative, and easy to follow to make your decisions on your next Sorceress build! The MeteOrb build primarily focuses on ...
  • Apr 21, 2012 · My girlfriend and I would like to start playing Diablo 2 together when the ladder resets. We haven't seriously played the game in a very, very long time, so we'd like some help if possible. I'm basically looking for a magic-find Sorceress guide that doesn't use super high-end items, though I'd like to be somewhat decent outside of the magic ...
  • Torch:Sorceress Hellfire – 17-19 Resist All/17-19 Stats Charms: 9 x Pack - Sorceress Lightning Skills GC (plain) Switch: Call to Arms Flail – 6 BO Spirit Monarch - 25-29% FCR Mercenary: Andariel's Non Eth Infinity ETH CV Duriel's shell
  • Frozen Orb là spell đã làm nên huyền thoại về Sorceress trong Diablo II, ai mà giỡn hỏi spell đấy là gì hả đánh cho giờ đấy nhé. Damage to, skill hợp lý. *NHƯỢC ĐIỂM: Duy nhất 1 mà thôi, immune to cold. Những lúc như thế, chỉ còn trông cậy vào đồng đội hoặc ít nhất là đệ ...
  • Apr 18, 2012 · Frozen Orb Pvm Sorc All right, I want to build a pure frozen orb sorceress that's gonna mainly be used for mfing. Its only going to do meph, and some other certain bosses.

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...i have a light sorc able to give 72 k max lightning dmg with bc and shrine 68k almost 69 with nothing though you sacrifice the 200 fcr breakpoint for 1 lower. but pvp wise its best to use handhold scythe and go down to about 35k. and my sorc is not vita. Diablo 2 - Lightning Sorceress Build Sweet Phil.
Harlequin Crest Shako Defense: 99 Durability: 12/12 Item Level: 89 Corrupted 100% Chance to cast level 43 Frost Nova when you Level-Up 100% Chance to cast level 37 Blizzard when you Die +2 to All Skills Adds 48-76 cold damage-10% to Enemy Cold Resistance +10% Increased Cold Damage +2 to all Attributes +142 to Life (Based on Character Level) +142 to Mana (Based on Character Level) Physical ...

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Sorc Lightning Skiller 10-20 Life West Ladder - Preis: 1,75 € - Grand Charm . Buy Diablo 2 items | Diablo 2 - D2km: Zurück zum Shop ...
Dec 28, 2009 · The 200 FCR Lightning Sorc Build Introduction I have tried a lot of light sorc builds here in this forum, but nothing were as FUN, FAST and EFFECTIVE as the 200 FCR light sorc I am about to show you. I am not one of those guys who read a little about the different builds and then make there own. hrmm maybe I was too, but not anymore.

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Diablo II allows the player to choose between five different character classes: Amazon, Necromancer, Barbarian, Sorceress, and Paladin. Each character has different strengths, weaknesses and sets of skills to choose from, as well as varying beginning attributes.
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