• Comet professional and semi-professional high pressure washers. The pump is the core of the high pressure washer and relying on a Comet washer, since we are the leading company in the design and construction of pumps for agriculture and industry, means choosing a product of guaranteed quality, completely manufactured in Italy with highly valuable know-how.
  • Pressure Washer Giant offers a range of high-quality pumps and accessories to meet the performance requirements of pressure washer applications anywhere in the world. Giant pumps provide exceptional reliability, durability, efficiency and corrosion resistance to stand up to rigorous pressure washer operation demands.
  • Extend the life of your pumps, valves, hoses, and nozzles by removing grit and debris with a filter from General Pump, Spraying Systems, or Hypro! Electrical Pressure Washer Electrical Switches, Controls, and Related Components
  • This Comet Pump Pressure Washer Pump provides a fast changeover, even in the field. Pre-plumbed and pre-tested. Fits 4-bolt engine face plates. Bolts not included; use existing bolts from old pump to install new pump. Replaces Item# A157754
  • Y ou are bidding on a PRESSURE WASHER PUMP - Comet Pump Model EWDK3540G. This pump was new and in original unopened package. I just opened it to take photos. More specs and info can be located online. Buyer pays shipping according to the rate calculator.
  • Owner’s Manual. Pressure Washer: Machine that cleans dirty . surfaces with high pressure water. Any Questions, Comments, Problems or Parts Orders Call GNE Product Support 1-800-822-0295. Engine is shipped without oil. - Before starting engine, fill engine oil. - See engine manual for engine oil requirements. Pump is shipped with oil.
  • Specifications AMP: 16 Motor: Baldor Unloader: External Series: Commercial Pump: Comet FWS23530E HP: 5.0 PSI: 2000 GPM: 4.0
  • All pressure washer pumps are in the reciprocating group and use pistons or plungers to add energy to the water. There are two main differences between the piston and plunger pump. ... Comet SpA. Their pumps are used across many industries from breweries, cement plants and oil fields to pulp and paper and pressure washers.

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Oil for Comet pump Can I use over the counter pressure water pump oil such as sold by NAPA or is the comet oil the - Comet GXD2527G Pressure Washer Pump Manuals comet pumps - readbag All Comet Pump repair kits contain the quantity of components necessary to rebuild the entire pump. Piston Replacement Kit. AXD. 1 GXD Series Pumps Repair Kits
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COMET FDX2 16/210 combustion engine Pressure Washer Ideal for any setting and for every need . Equipped with a HONDA GX340 4 Time Engine which guarantees excellent performances; thanks to the SELF-PRIMING pump it's possible to draw water directly from rivers, lakes and other hydro-sources.
Pump replacement or repair is possible with only a few tools and limited know-how, and can be a good way to save on repair bills. Removing the pump from your pressure washer usually involves removing only four bolts. Check your particular model's manual for the pump diagrams and location of the mounting bolts.

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commercial cold water pressure washer hd hand held Lightweight and easy to move, this hand held cold water pressure washer delivers up to 2.0 GPM of portable cleaning power. These light-industrial hand held units are significantly more rugged than typical consumer substitutes and are built with durable steel frames.
This unit features a aluminum frame, triplex Comet pump, 3/8" 50' grey non marking hose, 12" flat-free tires, 6.1L fuel tank, quick connector fitting. The actual product may vary from the images shown on the website.