• CDI Torque Products 3/8 Drive Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrench, 150 - 1,000 in-lb, 16'' Length - 19674
  • Slim profile-each torque body is thin enough and long enough to get into tight areas Micrometer type adjustment-ensures fast, accurate settings and changes Guaranteed accuracy, all QC series interchangeable torque wrenches are accurate +/-4% clockwise and ?ñ6% counterclockwise from 20% of full scale to full scale
  • Today’s advanced torque testers include the ability to measure in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, convert to 8 engineering units (in·oz, in·lb, ft·lb, N·m, cN·m, kgf·cm, gf·cm, kgf·fm), 3 modes of operation (peak, 1st peak, track), and include a National Institute of Standards and Technology certificate (or its domestic ...
  • - When the wrench is used to ±20° the torque must be set with an increase of 5% (Example: necessary torque 90 Nm - Torque for inclined application 94,5 Nm) - Adjustable model for clockwise tightening - Precision ±4% of the preset torque value - Readings in Nm - Sensible and audible alarm on reaching preset torque value
  • Deflection Beam Torque Wrenches do not wear or fatigue over the lifetime of the tool insuring increased accuracy. 1/4 Inch Drive 0 to 80 in/lbs. clockwise or counterclockwise measurement. Torque measurements calibrated in English and Metric. Pointed, hard spring steel pointer gives precise readings while resisting bending.
  • Craftsman 47711 Digital Torque Wrench Calibration Procedure. Press and hold PWR + UNIT until CAL appears, then release buttons. Display will show: L 0; Load wrench 3 times clockwise to full scale: 100 ft.-lbs. Remove all torque load. Press UNIT to lock in zero torque (actually: squeeze button and bar so it is not additionally torqued). Display ...
  • A torque wrench is a wrench that appliesa calibrated torque to a bolt. ... rotate in the clockwise direction. ... Left torque = 10 N x 1 m = 10 n m counterclockwise ...
  • Each production torque wrench contains a protective cover, a torque wrench, and an interchangeable head. Refer to Figure 2 for the appropriate replacement wrench head part numbers. The wrenches are designed to be used in the clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

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It is very important to tighten to the correct angle as well as torque, Stahlwille wrenches offer both of these features and include electronic measurement with a familiar mechanical click, clockwise and anticlockwise tightening ratchet and 4 measuring modes;
Micrometer Torque Wrench, Foot-Pound, Newton-Meter, Drive Size 1/2 in, Torque Range 30 ft-lb to 150 ft-lb, 47.4 N-m to 210.1 N-m, Torque Increments 1 ft-lb, 1.36 N-m, Primary Scale Minimum Torque 30 ft-lb, Primary Scale Maximum Torque 150 ft-lb, Standard, Ratcheting Yes, Rotation Clockwise and Counterclockwise, Tether Capable

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1/4 Click Torque Wrench This professional click torque wrench has a highly robust ratchet mechanism for clockwise direction ideal for industrial use. Be at the forefront with your new high-grade click torque wrench, very easy torque value setting with external knob and scale-reading, visible even in low light situations.
Shop Sunex Tools Sunex 31080 0.38 in. Drive 10 ft. 48T Torque Wrench in the Endless Aisle department at Lowe's.com. Features 48 Tooth ratcheting mechanism Accurate to 3 clockwise and 6 counterclockwise High quality internal components for professional performance Desired

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This digital torque wrench from Beta Tools features a reversible ratchet for left-hand (CCW) and right-hand (CW) tightening. A 2-stage warning buzzer and 2-color LED indicators alert you as you approach and reach the desired torque. A digital LCD readout and pushbutton programming make it easy to set the torque.
Dec 18, 2017 · ) FYRD is featured with square drive mounting,slip-ring signal transmission with up to 3000RPM,raning from 5NM up to 1000NM,dynamic torque sensor FYRD is suitable for rotating torque measurement ...