• Jan 12, 2018 · As a fifth-grader, Lee saved up enough money to order a 55-gallon drum online after he’d seen videos of people melting down aluminum. He had planned to turn the drum into a furnace to melt aluminum.
  • The Iron Giant: Blacksmith Guide By: Raij Table of Contents: 0. Introduction 1. Blacksmith Move List 2. Blacksmith Basic Strategy 3. Blacksmith Class-Specific Strategies 3.a. Versus Mage 3.b. Versus Archer 3.c. Versus Ninja 3.d. Versus Swordsman 3.e. Versus Blacksmith 4. Blacksmith Stat Allocation 0.
  • AR Workshop Tulsa is owned by Ashley, who discovered AR Workshop on a trip to visit a friend in Michigan, and she couldn’t wait to bring it to Tulsa! Since 2012, Ashley and her husband Brian have fallen in love with working on their 100+ year-old house in Midtown.
  • The job of a blacksmith involves heating metal with fire to forge, make repairs and create welds. Become familiar with the blacksmithing tools, such as an anvil, hammer, tongs and punch. If you can't find any classes near you that deal with blacksmithing tools, look for online classes, and purchase...
  • Classes at Old West Forge Beginning Blacksmithing I - Discover the ancient and honorable art of Blacksmithing. This three-day class is designed for beginners who would like to experience an old world craft. Study heat treating, punching, drifting, tapering, drawing out and more.
  • Classes are available from four hours sessions to a full semester curriculum. Controlled Hand Forging is the perfect introduction to smithing processes used by blacksmiths throughout time. Beginners Welcome*** Classes are structured for multiple skill levels and are open to ages 12 and up. Younger students will be considered on a case by case ...
  • Join the park smiths at the forge for a hands-on class covering the basic operations of blacksmithing. Participants will make simple art objects and more functional objects with the beauty that only hand forging can give iron and steel! Materials and tools are supplied. The minimum age is 16 (accompanied by an adult).
  • Blacksmith and knife classes. Knife Making Courses. Explore all the basic skills needed to pursue the craft of blacksmithing in this introductory level class. You will learn about coal fire management, hammer control and forging techniques such as drawing out, upsetting, punching...

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Jan 05, 2020 · New classes are being developed on a continuous basis, and classes to be offered in near future include: power hammer work, forging a cleaver, forging a sushi knife, hammer-making, and axe-making. The goal is to offer a complete curriculum covering the many different skills of a blacksmith.
Prerequisites: This class is great for absolute beginners and beyond (ages 18 & up). Technology: Pre class demo videos will be accessible via a private link provided after registration. Class will be held live via Zoom during the scheduled sessions. Internet access with a device like a tablet, or computer will be needed with the Zoom app installed.

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Most ABANA chapters give classes or have members that give classes. Once you've taken a class or two, decide if you're going with a solid fuel forge If you live in the United States, look up the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America and find the nearest chapter. Most ABANA chapters give...
Jun 25, 2020 · Welcome to By Hammer By Hand, where we specialize in custom wrought iron work by master blacksmith William Fitzgerald. From curtain rods and railings to fireplace tools and decorative items, let us help you with your next custom project.

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Blacksmith Schools. Anvil Academy. Offering instruction in basic and advanced blacksmithing and knife making. Cascadia Center for Arts & Crafts teaches the traditional crafts used during the WPA Era and in the construction of Timberline Lodge, as well as contemporary classes & workshops.