• The Mannlicher Berthier is a single edged sword bayonet first manufactured in 1892 and up until 1913. They were manufactured to fit the 8 mm. Mannlicher-Berthier M1890 (Cavalry Carbine) or "Carabine de Cavalerie" also the M1892 and M1916 (Artillery Carbines) or "Mousqueton de Artillerie." The M1892 replaced the 1886 Lebel Bayonet.
  • If you want information about your particular Berthier Carbine please give me your description of your weapon and i will be glad to tell you all about it. P.S. I like doing this, its fun and rewarding for me. Again welcome aboard Patrick Vive La Belle France,Lebel y Poilu
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  • The long-serving M.1752 had its barrel officially shortened from 14 3/4" to 10 1/2" in 1808, foreshadowing the M.1809's 10 1/2" barrel and creating the Model 1752/1808.A very scarce pistol, and likely the most widely issued during the Napoleonic era and until production of the M.1809 could supplant it.
  • The Lebel's sights were also too small, too thin and poorly protected against shocks. The lack of a wooden hand guard on top of the barrel led to burned hands after prolonged firings. Nevertheless the Lebel rifle was preferred by French infantrymen over the M1907-15 Berthier rifle with its limited 3 rounds magazine capacity. The difference was ...
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Berthier carbines were first issued in 1890 and 1892, and had been designed by Emile Berthier, an engineer at the French Algerian Railways,to be used with standard 8mm Lebel ammunition. The Berthier design was introduced as a replacement for the various aging Mle 1874 Gras single-shot carbines - still standard for French cavalry, artillery, and ...

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St. Etienne Berthier 1907/15 rifle. This example is marked MPA 1916 on the right side of the barrel. The bore rates as bright very good plus with some light corrosion and strong rifling, caliber 8 X 50 5R (8mm Lebel). The barrel shows most of its' original dull blue. The receiver shows strong markings.