• Advanced prediction, processing, and interpretation software for nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. ACD/NMR Predictors . Quickly and accurately predict 1D and 2D NMR spectra, chemical shifts, and coupling constants for 1 H, 13 C, 15 N, 19 F, 31 P nuclei.
  • Overview. The Portability TM mass spectrometer is one of BaySpec’s newest portable instruments. Designed to bring the benefits of MS chemical analysis to the field, the Portability TM can service a variety of bulk or trace detection applications with its compact form factor and intuitive user software.
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  • Dec 01, 2002 · 5. Applications in pharmaceutical analysis. Pharmaceutical analysis may benefit from the advantages offered by Raman spectroscopy in various ways: 1. Identification of raw materials (building up an extensive library of Raman spectra); 2. Quantitative determination of active substances in different formulations; 3.
  • Clinical Spectroscopy is an open access peer-review journal focused on the translation of spectroscopy into the clinical environment to improve patient diagnosis and prognosis. The development of optical spectroscopic techniques and their cutting-edge applications to clinical and biomedical research are of interest to this Journal.
  • Infrared spectroscopy has been a workhorse technique for materials analysis in the laboratory for over seventy years. An infrared spectrum represents a fingerprint of a sample with absorption peaks which correspond to the frequencies of vibrations between the bonds of the atoms making up the material.
  • Raman spectroscopy in pharmaceutical analysis is well recognised; Rantanen [8] recently published a review documenting the process analytical applications of RS in the area of pharmaceutical dosage forms. Its potential application in dosage formulation, from chemical synthesis to tablet...
  • Oct 07, 2020 · The growth of the overall molecular spectroscopy market can be attributed to the growing food safety concerns, the growth of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, application of molecular spectroscopy in environmental screening and technological advancements in molecular spectroscopy. Scope & Importance:

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May 01, 2010 · Raman spectroscopy is a useful technique for protein formulation analysis and investigating biopharmaceutical manufacturing incidents. In particular, it is well suited for in situ solid-state analysis in glass containers.
MeSH terms. Drug Contamination. Drugs, Chinese Herbal / analysis*.

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Aug 15, 2020 · Application. Since different molecules with different combination of atoms produce their unique spectra, infrared spectroscopy can be used to qualitatively identify substances. In addition, the intensity of the peaks in the spectrum is proportional to the amount of substance present, enabling its application for quantitative analysis.
Mass spectrometry (MS) is a powerful analytical tool with many applications in pharmaceutical and biomedical field. Mass spectroscopy also helps in quantitative elemental analysis, that is, the intensity of a mass spectra signal is directly proportional to the percentage of corresponding element.

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Pharmaceutical spectroscopy equipment comes in many forms, and its variety makes it accessible to a broad range of research professionals working within Primary Applications of Pharmaceutical Spectroscopy. Analysis of molecular bond strengths. Identification of specific bonds within a molecule.
We compare frequency modulation spectroscopy (FMS) as a method of headspace water analysis with the method of Karl Fischer coulometric titration (KF), which is widely used in the analysis of residual water in a freeze-dried material. Parameters relating to the type of formulation (amorphous, crystalline) and the freeze-drying cycle (temperature, pressure, time) were investigated in relation to ...