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  • The company best known for its rifles with classic American lines, light weight and accuracy, Kimber, actually had its beginning Down Under more than a half-century ago. Now you can have a Kimber ...
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  • It was a Cooper model 52 Jackson Hunter in 280 Ackley improved shot with a 150 grain Barnes TTSX bullet. Brian Gallup - Sept 4 2014 - African Dawn Safaris, Waterberg Mountains, Limpopo Province, South Africa. Exciting stalk at close range for over one hour. The wind kept changing and the leaves were dry and noisy.
  • Although Barrett is associated with its military firearms, the company is working on an interesting second act, debuting a general hunting rifle that has all of the attributes of a fine mountain rifle
  • For the 35 Whelen [Ackley Improved version and 350 Remington Magnum too] I have found that the best powder to give me the greatest velocity with the least signs of excess pressure is Reloder 15. This seems true for all bullets I have. I have pushed the Hornady round nose 250 gr. to a hair over 2700f.p.s (instrumental reading)in experimental ...
  • Do you know which caliber you want? Simply choose it from the caliber menu and only the styles available in that caliber will be shown. Perhaps you haven't decided on a caliber yet but you know that you want a Varmint rifle.
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Any .270 or .30-06 (left) rifle is an excellent choice for rebarreling to .280 Ackley or .35 Whelen (right) if you want to see a nice improvement in field performance. The .280 AI is a 7mm Mag ballistically, the .35 Whelen approaches a .338. They also burn less powder than their belted twins, work well with 22" - 24" barrels and hold one more in the magazine. Feeding issues are nonexistent as ...

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While Nosler offers pre-formed 280 Ackley brass, you may want to form your own. If so, we suggest the following procedure: Start with standard .280 Remington cases. Select a light load of a relatively fast powder (IMR4895 is great) from the standard .280 Remington data.
Oct 13, 2011 · So yeah, I've been reading up pretty heavily on the 280 Ackley Improved, basically a 280 Remington with raised shoulders. Performance is said to be close to the 7mm Remington Magnum, with 1/3 less powder and a slimmer casing (aka more mag capacity).

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The .280 Rem and .30-06 are slightly more (about 21 foot pounds); the .270 WSM, 7mm Rem Mag and .300 Win Mag are noticeably more (26 to 31 foot pounds); the .338 Win Mag is still greater (36 foot pounds); while the .300 and .338 Remington Ultra Mags are far greater (51 to 54 foot pounds).
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