• O - denotes obverse die, R - reverse die. Doubled Die are listed in this order: Denotes which Die the class- for example - $1.00 1947 Pointed Seven 1-R-V & T.D.0-II 1 means it is the first recorded for that date, Tripled die Obverse. Die Axis Arrangement. Dies in the coinage alignment (áâ) Newfoundland -1872 (only) One cent. -Five cents.
  • 1964-D-Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln cent (error) .Very nice coin but you be the judge ,Please look at photos and thanks for looking and again please look at the photos. Coin is listed in coppercoins.com as d/d southwest partial vertical bar (1mm-005) (wexler-wrp-010) (coneca-rpm-005).
  • The 1964 doubled die DDR 1 The 1968 D doubled die DDR 1 The 1969 S doubled die DDO 1 The 197 0 S doubled die DDO 1 The 1971 doubled die DDO 1 The 1972 doubled die DDO 1 ... The above list represents only a handful of the hundreds of Lincoln Cent Doulbed Dies (DDO's) that exist.
  • 1964 D Brown Lincoln Memorial Penny, Doubled Die Obverse, Look!!!. Shipped with USPS First Class.
  • 1937 DDO - 1937 DDO (Double Die Obverse) can usually be seen on the "In God We Trust", as well as the date "1937". 1942 Denver DDO - 1942 D (Denver) DDO (Double Die Obverse) can be noticed by looking at the L in liberty as well as the "In God We Trust". 1944 DDO - 1944 DDO Quarter see example with double "1944".
  • Coin Value Price Chart for Doubled Dies Varieties. Lookup Coin values for Good, Very Good, Fine, Very Fine, Brilliant Uncirculated & Proof conditions and MS grade. How much Doubled Dies Varieties are worth. Buy & Sell. Coins for sale for Doubled Dies type Varieties items.
  • The picture below shows a strong class VI doubled die, found on the obverse die of a 1944-D Lincoln cent. Notice the extra thickness on the bottoms of the digits in the date. The pictures below show the same extra thickness in the motto E . PLURIBUS UNUM on the reverse die of a 1943 Lincoln cent.
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This is the strongest obverse doubled die in the series. ... 1955 Doubled Die Lincoln Cent NGC Certified AU-58 BN ... Add to cart. MAKE OFFER. Add to Wishlist. 1964 ...
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1995 - no mint mark. Look for the double-die obverse. A "double-die" is coin-speak for a coin that was struck twice, usually while the machine was moving or vibrating or to correct for a weak first strike, producing an outlined look on some details of the coin. The more obviously it doesn't look like a "normal" penny, the more valuable.

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How much are my U.S. 1995 1c business strike with red surfaces Doubled Die Obverse penny worth? About 1995 1c MS RD Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln Cents - Memorial Reverse. The 1995 doubled die exhibits strong doubling in the inscriptions LIBERTY and IN GOD WE TRUST, with doubling evident to the naked eye.
In order for this die to be a doubled die, we would need to see spread between the hubs during the die creation process. The variety comes first, then markers are secondary, just to match a die stage. So matching die dots is going the wrong way. This die dot issue could be on just on die or a thousand hubbed dies from that year. Hope this helps